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In the dynamic waterproofness test of sole leather, the leather test specimen is wetted on one surface and is flexed and compressed in the same manner as the sole of a shoe during walking. The penetration time, water absorption, and water transmission are determined to evaluate the water resistance of the leather sample under test.
The GLOBE Permeometer for sole leather consists of a fixed platform with its upper surface covered by a strip of cotton gauge kept moist by a slow flow of distilled water from holes in the platform. A brass roller is provided to move in a horizontal direction along the length of the platform with the help of a motor, gearbox, and link mechanism.
The roller is mounted on ball bearings with its axis horizontal and perpendicular to the direction of movement of the roller.

Detailed Description

IS 5914 ? 1970

Official Methods of International Union of Leather Chemists’ Societies

Technical Details

Range of force measurement