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Finish Film Adhesion Tester

The strength of adhesion between finish film and the leather surface it is applied on may be found either by pressing a pressure sensitive adhesive tape over it and peeling it off, or by separating the finish film from leather and finding the force needed to separate it further. The first method is empirical in nature and cannot be reproduced accurately as the adhesion strength of various adhesive tapes and their bonding with the finish surface cannot be standardized. Hence the second method Is generally used for this determination. In this method, a smooth metallic specimen mounting strip is pasted onto the finish film at right angle to the axis of the test specimen with the help of a suitable adhesive.
After the bond is set, the excess adhesive is cleared off and the mounting strip held in a vertical frame. The end of the test specimen is separating from the finish film and a pan containing dead weights suspended from it.
The force needed to cause the finish film layer to separate further is determined by adding dead weights on the pan till the separation of the film from the leather takes place.

Detailed Description



Technical Details

Dimensions of test specimens

50 x 10 mm

Dimensions of specimen mounting plates

: 70 x 10 mm

Load for pressing the test specimens

: 400 ? 20 g

Mass of hanger

: 50 ? 1 g

Mass of each slotted weight

: 25 ? 0.5 g