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Abrasion Tester For Sole Leather

             a. Compressor with 1/2 H. P. motor 
             b. Vaccum pump for removing abraded particles
The resistance to abrasion of sole leather may be determined with the help of a drum type abrader (similar to NBS Abrader). In this test, an abrasive cloth strip of a specified grit is fixed over the circumference of a drum, which is rotated at a specified speed. The test specimen, in shape of a rectangular strip, is held on a metallic bar located above the drum such that its longer axis is perpendicular to the axis of the drum. When the metallic bar is pressed against the drum, the test specimen gets abraded. The number of revolutions needed to produce a depth of abrasion of 2.5 mm is determined and compared against that needed to produce a depth of abrasion of 2.5 mm in a standard rubber compound to obtain the abrasive index of the leather sample under test.

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