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Flammability Tester (for rigid sheets)

One of the methods for determination of consistency of production of plastic sheets is with the help of the horizontal burning characteristics test. In this test, a test specimen taken from the sheet is held horizontally with its traverse axis inclined at an angle of 45º to the horizontal. A flame is then applied for a specified duration to the free end of the test specimen and removed. The time taken by the flame to travel a distance of 100 mm after the removal of the igniting flame is determined to evaluate the horizontal burning characteristic of the material under test. This test is used primarily to give an indication of a suitable formulation which influences the performance of a test specimen as measured by this procedure. The results of this test cannot be considered as an overall indication of the potential fire hazards presented by the material under test under the actual conditions of use.

Detailed Description

IS 6307 - 1985

Specification for Rigid PVC Sheets

BS 2782 (Part 0) - 1992

Method of Testing Plastics Part 0: Introduction

Technical Details

Range of force measurement