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Polishing nachine, single, double & tripal discs model

Model: ASI

As Per IS : ASI

Model: ASI-806 
This is a simple and convenient machine for rough and fine polishing of metallurgical specimens. The specimen after mounting and after being polished by hand on emery paper is polished finally on this machine. The specimen is held against a rotating flat disc, on which a polishing cloth, impregnated with suitable polishing media such as silicon carbide powder, alumina of diamond powder, is stretched. Disc
polishing gives the specimen a scratch free mirror like finish.
The disc polisher consists of 20cm balanced polishing disc mounted on a steel spindle. The spindle is located on heavy duty ball bearing. The disc is easily removable for quick changing of the polishing cloth or paper, which is fastened on the disc by means of a spring or rubber girdle on the rim of disc. Around the disc.is an aluminum drain jacket fitted with drain tube.
The speed of disc can be continuously varied from 350 to 1200rpm. A metallic reservoir is also provided for dropping water on the specimen. The machine is electrically operated suitable for operation on 220/230 volts single phase A.C, supply The machines are made in single. Double and three disc model