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Air Washer Test Rig

Aim :
To treat the air by humidifying Or by dehumidifying it to the required comfort.

Detailed Description

A. Directly cooled evaporator of 3/8” dia.
B. Water tank of SS 304 to 10 litre capacity.
C. Hot and cold water pump.
D. Immersion heater of 500 watts.
E. Spray jets with heater arrangement.
F. Eliminator of coir or filets.
G. Ac duct suitable for handle water spray. H. Blower and motor to the capacity.
Refrigeration Systems:
Will be corporate with compressor, condenser filter drier, and condenser fan motor, capillary expansion. The system will be controlled through temperature indicator cum controller for both heating and cooling and the station temperature can be read from wet and dry bulb temp and also with 'k' type thermocouple, the velocity of air will be arrived through anemometer. The above unit is self-contained in all respect except power and water facility.