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Strain Rosettes Apparatus

The Equipment shall have the following facility:
Set-up consisting of hallow cylinder pasted with rosette strain gauge. This cylinder shall be pressurized by using foot pump. A multi channel strain indicator shall provided to measure out put of each strain gauge. Students can find out values of maximum stress at various pressures and compare the same with theoretical values.

Detailed Description

Parts/Component Details:
- M S pipe sealed at both ends and with Rosettes Strain Gauge fixed on it. A valve is to be provided to pressurize the pipe by compressed air.
- Air Foot Pump is provided to pressurize the pipe.
- Pressure Gauge
- Three Channel Digital Strain Indicator.
- Necessary connecting cables.

Pin on Disc Apparatus
The equipment shall be designed to study friction and
Parts/Component Details:
1) Pin Diameter 10 mm, Length 20 mm, single pin type.
2) Disc size 180 mm diameter X 10 mm thick.
3) Wear track 140 mm diameter to 80 mm diameter adjustable.
4) Sliding speed 15 m/sec to 7.5 m/sec variable using Dimmerstat.
5) Disc rotation speed 150 to 1500 rpm continuously variable.
6) Drive motor 1 H P, D C motor.
7) Frictional force measurement by load cell capacity 0