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Epicyclic Gear Apparatus

The Equipment shall have following facility:  
1) To measure epicyclic gear ratio between input Shaft and output shaft.
2) To measure epicyclic gear ratio between input shaft and holding drum.
3) To measure input torque, holding Torque and output Torque.
Parts/Component Details:
A) External Type Epicyclic Gear Train.
1) Bearing blocks for input and output Shafts are mounted on a base frame.
2) A gear Train with Holding drum and a handle.
B) Internal Type Epicyclic Gear Train
1) A compact Gear Train (Industrial)
2) Variable Speed D.C. Shunt Motor, 1 H.P. 1500rpm, 230 Volts.
3) Rope brake arrangement to measure output torque and holding torque.
C) Control Panel consisting of Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter RPM Indicator, on off switch. Speed control unit.